Friday, April 12, 2013

Katy Sue Designs - Part Two

I hope you like my finished necklace as much as I do!
It is called "Springtime in Paris."
Yesterday I showed you how I made my three fabulous resin pendants in Katy Sue Design's cupcake decoration molds. 
 I began building my necklace by placing my pieces on felt.  I partially glued everything in place with Quick Grip...the ideal glue for a project involving plastic, felt and sequins.
 Before I tacked my pendants in place with glue, I did make some holes with a metal hole punch.  This gave me an extra opportunity to sew my pendants to the felt.
 I had a wonderful evening sewing all my embellishments and and beads in place.  I love this new necklace and hope Katy Sue Designs thinks I did a good thing with their cupcake molds!

Katy Sue Designs Molds - Part One

Katy Sue Designs Molds - Part Two

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1 comment:

Trish said...

It's beautiful Carmi! I especially loved the green, blue and pink leaves you used to accent it, its a pretty necklace :)