Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jewelry Clay Simple Pendant

 Today I will show you a simple idea for stamping into Jewelry Clay to create unique pendants.
 My pendant started as an inexpensive plain bezel.  I cut a piece of rhinestone chain for the edges.  I collect all sorts of new and old rhinestone necklaces that I cut up for these projects.
 I placed my rhinestone in the bezel and added a few drops of glue to hold it in place.  The clay will keep it there permanently but a little glue at this point ensures my chain won't move at a crucial point.  When my chain was all set I added in my clay and smoothed it out.
 I did not take a picture, but I did brush the surface of my clay with some Pearl-Ex Micropearl to give it this silvery sheen.  Then, I used black Stazon ink with my rubber and simply stamped my words and leaves. 

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Mary Anne said...

You are right, this looks so easy but stylish at the same time. I love inspirational word pendants, think I will give something like this a try. I hope to see Jewelry Clay here in Missouri stores soon!

The Resident Murloc said...

I love your blog! You give me so many amazing ideas!

I've found just about all the EnviroTex products you've used here on, which is great for me as I purchase from them constantly!

Just waiting on the Jewelry Clay to show up in the EnviroTex store. Haven't seen it pop up yet.

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful goodies with us! ^_^