Monday, February 18, 2013

Resin In Bezels Online Class!

I hope these resin filled bezels attracted your attention!
If they did, and you want to learn how I made them I have some super news today!
I have a new online class you can take!

How to Use Resin in Bezels with Carmi Cimicata
Filling bezels with tiny imagery and collage and then pouring in resin is the ideal way to create personalized spectacular wearable art pieces. In this CraftArtEdu class, you will learn the best techniques for mixing and pouring resin as well as how to seal paper images and how to embed in layers.

If you have not been to CraftArtEdu you are in for a treat!  This new (it is a year old) site is now full of fabulous art and craft classes you can take online!  You won't know what to sign up for first.
The classes are reasonably priced and you can watch them over and over!
As I am speaking, you can hear me describe tips and techniques that are sometime hard to explain with just a blog post.

My How to Use Resin in Bezels class is $15 and linked here.

I also have a FREE class you can see called:

  • Finding Imagery For Resin Art 

    CraftArtEdu linked here.


    TesoriTrovati said...

    Such a great venue for you, Miss Carmi! I have been poking around on CraftArtEdu for the past few months. I actually won a gift certificate for some classes there but I haven't decided what to take. I really must do that soon! Good luck on this new venture! Enjoy the day. Erin

    Charlotte said...

    I was actually sorry to hear that you have a class on CraftArtEdu as I really dislike their classes. I have checked out a few and they are nothing but still pictures with someone talking over them. The sound quality on some was absolutely terrible! They have some very good artists there but the quality of the "videos" (which aren't really videos at all) is poor.

    I just bought some Envirotex Jewelry Resin because I found your blog; am actually going to play with it today.

    I would love to see you teach a class via or even Interweave. has some excellent quality videos and some fabulous classes. Interweave can be hit and miss, but they have some very good ones too.

    I don't mean to come off as negative, because I am not, but I just had to comment on Craftedu.

    You are very talented and I love the stuff that you do.

    Thanks and best regards


    Carmi said...

    Hi Charlotte, I was sad that you have not enjoyed your CraftArtEDU classes. I have purchased two and really liked the presentation style. I also like that they have a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like a class which is not something I found with any other classes on line. The $15 price point for my class is brilliant. I wanted my class to cost about as much as one package of Jewelry Resin. If I could pop out of the package and tell everyone in person how to be successful with resin, this class is what I would say. Also, you would not believe the support and guidance I received setting up my first class. They were so helpful! It is a big leap for lots of artists to become online teaching savvy...this site is teaching us to be better instructors as well. So, thank you so much for your comment, because most people never say anything, and your opinion is important to me. 2013 is the year I really improve my videos and other online demos!