Monday, September 17, 2012

Sequins and Halloween Molds!

 I love this package of themed sequins!  I found it at my local Michaels craft store.
 I want to make some molded cabochons with the sequins featured so I pulled out my EasyCast and my EasyCast Resin Jewelry mold.  You can see here that my first step was to add about 1/8 of an inch to 1/4 of an inch of resin to the bottom of the mold.  Remember, the bottom becomes the top and I like to have a clear glass top to my molded items.  I let my resin cure overnight.
 Today I arranged my sequins into a few interesting designs.
 I have glued my sequins into the  mold on that first layer of cured EasyCast.  I am also keeping track of the order in which I place my sequins so that that I am not overlapping a key section.  The glue I used was mod-podge.  To be sure I don't pour resin over an area of glue that isn't dry yet, I am going to set this aside for the day.
I also added some glass beads to to create an interesting backdrop.  I have no idea how this will turn out.   Fingers crossed that it looks good!

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Chris said...

looks like fun to me!

Kristina said...

Oh I cant wait to see what these become! :)

Saturday Sequins said...

Ohhh, my two favorite things! Sequins and Halloween. I can't wait to see how your project turns out! :)