Friday, September 14, 2012

Molding Soap!

 I do not know when I have had more fun experimenting with a product.  I have made molded candy, chocolate and now soap.  I should have started doing this years ago.
 Yesterday I purchased a soap making kit and instead of pouring soap into the molds included, I used the molds I made myself with EasyMold.
 Aren't these the best?  My guest bathroom will now showcase feature personalized soap!
My soap kit contained clear and white soap base.  It is just like working with resin...accept the soap is solid in about 20 minutes.
I would love to hear from anyone making soap shapes in EasyMold. 

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Eileen Bergen said...

Very cool!

Carmi, can you explain what the black and the blue photo are? I guess the black heart is the Easy Mold mold. Not sure though.