Thursday, August 9, 2012

Your Own Molds in 25 Minutes!

 I wanted to show you the little project I started this week.  
I made a mold of this small vintage brooch I bought in the Paris antique market in April.  I love the brooch and want to use it in a number of I would like to have more than one copy.
 I made my mold with ETI's EasyMold Silicone Putty
 I love the putty because it is so simple to use.  
You can make mistakes though.
 I had to make two molds because I did not press my brooch into the mold properly.  You can see that my heart is not as sharp as it could be.  I think I focused a little too much on making sure my mold sides were perfect.
 So I pressed my brooch into a second putty ball and made sure I made good contact.
Now my heart is very detailed!  
I'll show you some of my samples tomorrow!

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Chris said...

I really want to make my own molds! I think I have a ton of things that would make cool detailed resin projects! I also forgot to watch my orchid plant...the blooms fell last week and I wasn't able to save ANY for resin! Oh well, I have roses that I dried in anticipation!