Monday, August 13, 2012

Mariage Freres Tea Project - Part One

 Every year I buy one container of tea from Mariage Freres.  They package a limited edition tea each year into this metal canister.  I am not sure if I like the tea as much as I like the I buy one every year to add to my collection.  I absolutely love their choice of colours, design and packaging.
 I am making a new necklace that will feature images from the package.  You can see the interesting one-inch circles I was able to punch out of the cardboard box.
 I glued my circles into bezels and I am making an extra effort to make sure my paper is sealed.  The box is card if I don't seal all the edges properly, I may have resin seep into the paper fibers and this will appear like a stain...which I do not like.  I've blogged about stains a lot.  I focused my efforts on sealing the edges with more than 3 applications of mod-podge.
 Twenty minutes after I poured in my resin I did notice that one bezel had a stain.  See those edges...I missed a spot somehow.  I'll show you how I can fix that in tomorrow's post!
The bezels are now happily curing.  I have an over-flow situation with one bezel.  I am not going to touch or move it...I'll also explain a simple solution for this problem tomorrow!


gelfling50 said...

I love your idea I shared it on my blog.

Thank you for sharing this awesome idea

CalibyCreations said...


vwolfe said...

that large hole punch thingy is so cool where did you get that?

Carmi said...

It is a simple one inch circle punch. They sell them at most big craft stores in the scrap booking section.