Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Faux Jewels Necklace Part Two

My necklace turned out 
even better than expected!
I am so surprised that this worked out as well as it just never know what magical powers Jewelry Resin will have on a simple piece of paper and some plastic bead slices.  Yesterday's post showed you how I made these faux jewels.
 Then I had to figure out how I would hang the slices.  I tried to drill into the plastic, but the original pieces are very brittle and chipped when I tested this idea.  In my jewelry component stash I found these bars...does anyone know what they are called?  I have no idea why or where I got them!
 For some reason they fit perfectly on the back of my pieces.   I have also been testing a new glue:  Quick Grip.  It was perfect for this project.
 I arranged my bars and applied some Quick Grip and then carefully placed my flat bead slices onto the bars. 
 A few jewelry components later and I have the best choker ever!  I plan to wear this at the Bead and Button show this weekend!

The Faux Jewels Necklace Part One

The Faux Jewels Necklace Part Two

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CalibyCreations said...

I am blown away!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

This turned out so cool!

nelda said...

I use quick grip glue all the time for mixed media collages and love how fast it dries. Those little bubbles in the glue really seem to grab onto 3d pieces!

Hannah Adams said...

This is amazing. You are so, so talented. If you ever make anything similar for sale you have a buyer here :)

Chris said...

That does look really cool! Those flat pieces look like connectors for Erector sets or something....Which I guess make good bails!