Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nunn Design New Rings!

 There are days that I post projects that really make me happy!
These new rings from Nunn Design were a pleasure to work in!
 Yesterday I showed you some of the new pendants in the Nunn Design summer collection.
 These are the rings I received from Nunn Design and as you can see, on their own they are already very beautiful.  The frames and extra details make them special.
 My first ring features a frog hovering permanently over some text.  Jewelry Resin keeps everything in place and I wanted you to think the frog was near water.
 To match yesterday's pendants I also made some rings with the Tatty Button artwork.  When my images were sealed I poured resin into the bezel.  These projects make up themselves!
 The extra glitter on the edge makes Tatty stand out!
Finally, I had a tea service charm that needed a permanent home.  This is the "tea is served" ring!
I hope you like the samples I prepared.

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.

It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.


ArtHeart said...

I may not post, but I read your blot almost every single day. Between all the resin work, the photography and editing, and just writing up the posts....please know I and I'm sure everyone else really appreciates all the hard work you put into inspiring us.

I love resin. I believe it has added so many possibilities to my creative outlet. And I love watching people who don't necessarily use it in the same way I do since it broadens my own imaginations of it.

The Nunnery Design bezels rock and your use of them is adorable in the most whimsical of ways. That's one frog I bet many a gal wouldn't mind kissing. I know I'd be puckering right on up!

Great job!

Hilary Frye said...

You inspire me, Carmi! That frog ring is so cute! Very clever to think of the resin as water/pond.

Gill said...

I love the tea set ring it is perfect! Thank you for sharing as always.

Gill said...

I love the tea set ring it is perfect! Thank you for sharing as always.

Chris said...

I love these rings! I really like the frog one! It does look like he's at a pond :)

Hannah Adams said...

Absolutely inspiring as usual. I am a recent follower but always look forward sitting down and reading your posts. Thank you for all the hard work you obviously put into making them happen :)

Designed by Vera said...

I love the rings, especially the frog and teaset. I collect frogs and on occasion, tea sets. What a cool idea for the charms that are just "hanging" around waiting for a home. Great work!

wendyp said...

LOVE that frog ring! Beautiful work!

Mary said...

I too read your blog everyday. You so inspire me. I love the thought process especially the frog. TFS, Mary

Designer Rings said...

Nunn Design makes the most amazing pewter charms, components, bezels and mixed media supplies! Plated in silver, gold, copper and brass, many pieces are also highlighted with an antiqued finish that brings out the lovely details.