Monday, June 25, 2012

Bezel Wire and Resin - A Tutorial For Experienced Resin Users Part ONE

This week I will have a longer post (in several parts) showing you how to create your own open back projects with bezel wire, resin and some strong double-sided tape.
(If this is your first time visiting our blog keep in mind that this a not a beginner project.  I would encourage you to try a simpler pour and the labels down the side of this blog will give you links to many great projects.)
 Bezel wire can be twisted into interesting shapes.  For this project I formed a heart shape and then pressed it into the double-sided tape you see in the picture above.
 I gathered some Luminarte powder pigments and mixed a small batch of Jewelry Resin.
 I made small dollops of resin on my non-stick craft sheet.  Then I added some pigment to it.
 The coloured resin I then dripped onto my double-sided tape base.
 A second colour was made.
 And then a third.
 These colours were also dripped into the heart shape as shown.  I added some extra uncolored resin to ensure that my heart would be secure when my first pour of resin cured.
I consider this my "First Pour."
My last step was to place a wood rubber stamp onto the heart shaped bezel wire to ensure my heart would cure completely flat.  If I pressed my wire into the double sided tape correctly, the resin should cure within the wire shape.  Tomorrow I will show you what I do next.

Bezel wire can be found on-line by googling the words "bezel wire."
The double-sided tape I use is sold in sheets and can be found in scrapbooking stores and I know I have seen it in Michaels Craft Stores.    It can also go by the name "red-line."

My Tutorial

Bezel Wire and Resin Part One - A Tutorial For Experienced Resin Users 

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These posts were designed, photographed and written by me.

They appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.


ShariJ said...

Where do you recommend buying bezel wire from?

Carmi said...

Shari, I don't have a recommendation. There are so many on-line stores. My wire I received from a friend who does a fair bit of soldering.

Chris said...

Are those Luminarte pigments at Michaels or maybe Hobby Lobby? And what section would they be in?

Ashley Wilkinson said...

This looks like something I'm going to have to try!

Carmi said...

In Michaels in the ink section they also sell pigments from Ranger called "Perfect Pearls." I have used those powders as well.

farppy said...

Thank you so much for posting your steps! I just bought bezel wire and will begin the project as soon as it arrives.

farppy said...

Thank you so much for the awesome step by steps! Just finished ordering bezel and can't wait until it arrives so I can start. P.S. German silver bezel looks OK and is totally affordable, just Google it to purchase. I ordered mine from 'Studio on the Hill'

Deanne Crim said...

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for sharing your INSPIRATIONAL artwork!! I have worked with resin for many years, but NEVER been so INCREDIBLY INSPIRED to pull out my supplies as I am right now!!! A MILLION Thanks!!!

Carmi said...

Thank you Deanne! Once you love resin you think of a zillion ways to use it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Could you tell me how thick your Bezel wire is?

Carmi said...

It came without a label, so I am not certain. On a ruler it is even thinner than 1/16 of an inch.

zelda cheri said...

I think the question was how wide is the bezel wire -- looks maybe 4 or 5 mm?

Carmi said...

That is right. It is 5mm wide.

Anne said...

I am using castin' craft resin and it is sticking to every tape I've tried, making it impossible to remove the piece- do you have any suggestions?

Carmi said...

Hi Anne, I don't use the casting resin for this technique...just Envirotex Lite and Envirotex Jewelry resin, so I am not sure why tape is sticking. You can always call customer service and they could speak to you about what might be happening.
Ph: (707) 443-9323
Fax: (707) 443-7962

Helen Moore said...

I love this and it has inspired me to try making frames - but I have just used wax paper to create them on and got a lot of leakage. What kind of tape is it you are using please?

Carmi Cimicata said...

The tape is called "red line." It also goes by the brand name Wonder Tape.

myglodesigns said...

O still haven't tried the casting with tape as a mold yet, but I have wanted to try it for years...For something like this I think it is time to be brave!!