Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vintage Muffin Pans and EasyCast

 This is a very simple project that anyone can try if they are new to home decoration and resin projects.
 I always buy vintage muffin pans when I see them in antique stores.  I think they are ideal frames!
 The muffin pan I chose for this project is very deep.  For deep pours I always use EasyCast resin.  It was designed for deep pours and molds.  In this pan I have already poured and allowed to cure about 1/2 inch of EasyCast.  Now my images are being glued and sealed to that first resin surface.
 I also glued in sequins to act as my image frame.  You can use Ultra Seal or Mod Podge.  These glues dry clear and are wonderful sealers for paper.  I poured another 1/2 inch of EasyCast in each pan to complete my project.  There is still room to even work on that surface and do a third pour if I want to.
 I want my pan to be flush on my wall so I glued some hangers to the back of the pan rather than use the hole at the top of the pan.
 I did think about working this way.  Horizontally the pan is very interesting!
Here is another example of resin in vintage bakeware.   This pan is a favorite.  It features the six wives of Henry the Eighth.
The little pans are great too!

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nancy said...

fantastic idea!!

Hannah Adams said...

Brilliant!! I love this. As an aside, would you be able to use the pans as moulds or do you need something flexible to pop out the resin? Sorry, I am a newbie to this!!

Carmi said...

Hi Hannah. It is a good question...don't worry about being a newbie!
These pans are plain old metal...no non stick qualities, so the resin attaches to it permanently. The only muffin type pans that work are the new one's made of flexible silicone. If you review some of my older posts you will see I use this type of new bake wear for molds all the time.

Katie Cautela said...

How cool. I am completely inspired to do this. thank you

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I just love resin! I use Easy Cast for my collage pendants and am now wondering if I should be using Jewelry Resin instead. I make spoon collage pendants as well. What ismthe difference between the two? Thanks! Love your resin work!

Carmi said...

Jewelry Resin is made to work in shallow items like bezels and spoons. EasyCast was made for deep pours, molds etc.