Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Tea Cup Project - Part Three

Could I have more fun with resin?
This project is just another great example of how everything seems to look better with resin.  Here are all the cups with final embellishments added.  I have let everything cure for 36 by the end of today I will feel confident that I can display my cups on their sides.  Tomorrow is my final reveal!

Tea Cup Project Part One

Tea Cup Project Part Two

Tea Cup Project Part Three

Tea Cup Project - Unveiled

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They appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.


TeriB said...

Carmi, first I have to say I LOVE your blog! I have learned so much about using Resin from all of your wonderful tutorials and examples. Now, I have to ask---where did you find those wonderful mini-people? They are fantastic!

Carmi said...

Thanks Teri! Mini people are part of the train know, the people who build full scale replica train tracks. I went on ebay and looked up lots of train track accessories....people are one part of it.
You can get them even smaller than these.