Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Tea Cup Chandelier

 My tea cup chandelier is now ready to unveil!
Now you know why I was working in tea cups this week.
The original tea cups were in the "mismatched section" in my local antique store.  They were $1 each and I thought they would be perfect for my chandelier/resin project idea.  Tea cups are very inexpensive when they are missing their plate.
Filled with papers and embellishments I think they will have a much longer life as art.
The chandelier looks very pretty on our deck.  I plan to hang it in my studio full time though.  I'll move it to the deck for outdoor dining occasions.  I also plan to add a few more items....this chandelier will be seen again soon.
 Now, I bet you were wondering where I got the metal chandelier frame?  HHH Enterprises sent me one to experiment with.  From the minute I unpacked it, I knew I finally had an excuse to play with some tea cup ideas.  I also decided to spray paint it pink. I can think of so many themes.  Imagine this frame covered in paper flowers or yarn bombed.
Wouldn't it be a wonderful centerpiece?
I have no idea how many they might have in stock.
If you are interested HHH gave us a little discount.
If you use the code carmi12 at check out you'll get a 12% discount.  Yeah!
(They can't extend the free shipping offer since these are bulky and must be shipped in a big box to keep them safe.)

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Love this Carmi! Pam Barnes

crafterzdelights said...

SO beautiful and creative!

Chris said...

Thats so cool! Maybe you could add string lights to it too!

Etcetorize said...

Wow! I was wondering how you were going to display your cups. I never would've thought of this. Awesome~

Ronda's Finds For Friendze said...

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Homer said...

Wonderful work

Anonymous said...

Clever and fun, both the cups and the way you displayed them. I can see all sorts of things hanging off the chandeliers, like "crystals" with neat things embedded in them.