Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shell Disaster and Recovery

 This pendant has been on the work table for weeks.
I have worked on it on and off and it has been placed and then pulled out of the trash twice.
I do know you learn a lot more from my mistakes though.  
So here is what happened.
 It started when I found this cute shell necklace at Michaels Crafts Store.  It cost $1.50.
 I like to work in shells.  There were two in the set.  I gathered some pretty papers that I thought would showcase well in the circle shapes.
 I sealed the papers three times with Ultra Seal (you can use mod podge).  I was so sure I got all the paper edges.  When everything was dry, I poured in a very thin layer of Jewelry Resin.
 I placed my shell on my raised surface so it would be balanced.  However, 24 hours later I had resin stains.  See those stained edges.  That drives me crazy!!
 So I covered the edges with more Ultra Seal and then did a ring of glitter glue around the edges to cover the stains.  I poured more Jewelry Resin over all of this....and then can you believe it....ANOTHER STAIN.  How I missed sealing this I do not know.
 So I did a third glaze layer and added some charms to cover the stain.
In the end, I do have a pretty piece.  You can always save a resin disaster if you are crafty!

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.

It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.


Lauren said...

where is a good place for finding tiny charms like the ones you use in your works? I can never seem to find ones small enough or flat enough to work with what I want to do (similar to projects you use.)

Carmi said...

Lauren, I shop everywhere. I live 30 minutes north of Toronto, so I have access to a beading district in the heart of downtown. I do buy a lot online to. I look for charms on Ebay and Etsy.

Wax Beach Artist said...

Nice fix up job. I had a big problem with using charms with a liver of sulfur patina on them. I didn't seal them and the resin made the charms have a large blue-green halo around them. I ended up adding fabric over the resin for a fix. It looked ok but I liked it better before.

Wax Beach Artist said...

I find little charms on Etsy too.

Anonymous said...

you are your own resin police!! wink!!

montana1 said...

When do you add the charms? Right after pouring the resin or do you wait for a bit before placing the charms? Also do you just lay them on the resin or do you kind of push them in? Thanks!

Carmi said...

In this case I just placed them right into the top layer of resin. I brushed a glaze coat on the final layer, so it was not very thick...but resin is strong enough to hold charms in place permanently.