Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Resin Shoes

Today I thought I would show you what I do with some of my molded pieces. 
I have always made art cards.  
What makes them stand out is the unique one of a kind embellishments I make to showcase on them.
I made these clear resin shoe embellishments with EasyCast.  My mold was originally designed to make chocolate shoes...I choose to make permanent resin ones!  I make them clear so I can apply interesting papers to the back side.  In this case I am using Japanese paper.
Think of all the shoes you could make....way less expensive than buying them for yourself!
I also used another tool from Resin Obsession for this project.  They have a non stick resin stir stick.
After I stir my resin I just set my stick down on my non-stick surface. 
24 hour later I peeled away the resin on the stick and I can use it again!

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.
It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.


Aqua Junko Artworks said...

Thanks so much for the tip - the non-stick stir stick! I just went to their site and bought some!

Chris said...

What non-stick surface are you using?

Lillian Child said...

Those shoes ... oh my, but those shoes! How fun they would be to create cards with!

Carolina Nightingale said...

looks like a silpat liner :-) question: what do you use in your molds to make things actually come out? You know, something like Pam spray,only for resin molds? obviously a noob, am I, but interested:-)

Beetique said...

Where do you get the Japanese paper ?

Carmi said...

A few answers:
The non stick work surface is from Ranger Ink.
Japanese paper I get in Toronto at The Japanese Paper Place and we have a store downtown that sells the most beautiful sheets.
When I work in a soft silicone mold I don't use any spray release. Things mold and pop out easily. Remember though, the molds can't be used for baking food again after I use them with resin.
Hope this helps! I am travelling and will be home Monday!