Friday, April 27, 2012

Resin Jewels From Europe

 My love for resin jewelry began in Europe.  I go to Paris every April and I always come home with several pieces of resin.  This year I found two fabulous bracelets in England!  They are from my favorite resin jeweler:  Sobral.  They are made in Brazil. 
 This bracelet is so pretty!
 It makes me want to work in a cube shape ASAP.
 The second bracelet is a show stopper!
 The chunks are unique and you need to look close to see the details.
 Colouring resin like this is a long term goal. 
 This bracelet is a "no-name" Paris find.  It was in a scarf shop.
I love how the enamel wraps around the unique resin cone shape.
Hope these pieces inspire you as much as they do me.


louisa holland said...

These are gorgeous. How do you recon they got such beautiful polished edges on the cubes and "gems"?

Carmi said...

I am sure they have a polishing machine.....they have a pretty big production facility.

Chris said...

Wow, those are really awesome resin pieces!!

Anonymous said...


Sally Anderson said...

These are wonderful. I love those cubes especially. Do you know what's embedded in them?

Jewels By Ine said...

I love he resin jewelry!! Could you give me an address of the shops in Paris? I'm from Belgium..

Carmi said...

The two Paris locations are listed on this web site.

Carmi said...

Hi Sally, I am looking and looking at them and I can't tell at all. It is almost like drops of resin. Wish I knew too!