Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Resin Curves

 I am sending everyone a little virtual bouquet today!  Take a look at the red embellishment on this simple dollar store jar.
 I made the embellishment in a Wilton fondant mold by mixing red pigment with Jewelry Resin.  (Remember, once you use resin in bake ware you can't use it with food.) 
 Jewelry Resin is cured in 48 hours.  However, at the 10-12 hour mark it can be manipulated and shaped.  I popped this embellishment out of the mold carefully.  The resin is still soft at this point and I let it curve around my glass vase.
 Then I taped some wax paper around my embellishment and vase.
 Now I let the resin have it's full cure time.
I love my curvy embellishment!  The centre circle was a perfect place for me to add my floral image.  I glued my picture in place and then covered it with a glaze of Jewelry Resin.

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