Friday, March 23, 2012

Jewelry Resin and Photo Index Samples

 This pin is my salute to my home. 
I am going to be wearing it on my coat when I go on my next trip.
One of my favorite places to get images to embed in resin is in my own photography collection.  Do you keep or throw away the index pages that come with your printed photos?  Even if you don't send your photos to the printer, you can still print an index sheet in most photo programs.  I recently enlarged some of the photos of a backyard sunset that my husband took.  The 8x10 printed enlargements turned out beautiful and we framed them to enjoy in the house.  The index sheet however, is what I was very excited about!  I placed one sunset shot in my bezel and then poured Jewelry Resin over it.  Done.  No further embellishing needed.
 I used some metal stamps to create this little heart with my puppies name on it.
Now I have something to wear on my jacket that will be a constant reminder of home.

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.

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salla said...


The Crazier Sister said...

Lovely. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

All Consuming said...

Hello again, love these, I've been trying to use inkjet photos I've printed out with Envirotex and have had mixed results, sometimes just fine, sometimes they look fine then after a short while begin to discolour round the edges. I just wanted to check, do you seal them first like other images? And if so do you do stick them into the bezel and then seal, or cut them out and and seal before you stick them in? I think the paper may have been too glossy and am experimenting with others, but would value your advice. Thanks :)

Carmi said...

I seal seal seal. Three times is the charm...I do place them into the bezel and then seal. I make sure to wait until my sealer is very clear before applying the next coating. If it is important...I sometimes seal a fourth time. Trust me, the one time you forget you'll get a resin stain. I get mail from people all the time saying they have great success and never do any sealing at all...for me, I have always needed to protect all my papers.

All Consuming said...

Great, thank you! It gives me more confidence to carry on, I've had 2 commisiions that have coloured on me before sending out (thankfully), but obviously have had to do them from the beginning again. If I never see another owl picture I'll be a happy woman I can tell you heh. You are my 'resin bible' as your work is so perfect. Thank you again :D

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your pin?

Chris said...

So very pretty!

Vellfire said...

The pin is so antique. Is that handmade?

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Carmi said...

The pin itself is new. Would you believe I bought it in a bead store in Paris? They wear a lot more pins overseas so I usually buy a dozen when I go there every April.