Tuesday, February 28, 2012

St Patrick's Day Resin

 Here is a simple idea for St Patrick's Day.  My finished button has two layers of Envirotex Lite resin.
I have been wanted to remind you that not all rhinestones are alike. 
So this finished peice represents a "bad resin pour" and "how to fix a resin mistake" post.
 I started with some paper and some gold peel offs.  They filled my button nicely and I protected the paper with Ultra-Seal.  I bought this sheet of rhinestone glittered four leaf clovers at my Dollar store.  Yes, they were only $1.
 I adhered them to my button and you can see how nice the rhinestones looked.  
Then I poured in some Envirotex Lite.
 20 minutes later...rhinestones are gone.
Now, not all plastics are the same.   
But I do know this...cheap plastic will just dissolve in resin.
 I could have lived with this button as is.  
The green dots left after the rhinestones disappeared are still pretty.
But I always choose to do a second pour so I can get a great resin dome on my pieces.  I added in the gold leaves and some gel pen markers.  Then I did one last pour and I am very happy with the results now!

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lorrwill said...

Brilliant fix! Had I not read the entire post, I would have never known.