Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Resin For Sentimental Projects

 I finished a very special sample.  
I found this unique locket at an antique market 
and knew I would want to add something very sentimental into it.

 These are photos of my beloved dog Shamus, now passed on.  
I often called him prince charming.
Since I was placing an image of him into a non-flat surface I used this pile of tiny stones to keep my piece level when I poured in the resin.

 Photos in resin are so special.  I love the permanence of this tribute.

 I did make a tiny mistake though.  I poured a little too much resin into the top of the locket.  I can't close it remember this tip if you work in a locket!  No matter, it is going to stay open on my work table so I can see if all the time.


Talentina said...


MIXIKIM said...

Cute. Great idea for unique ornaments for milestones etc. Hmmmmm....wheels turning....see smoke? :)

Chris said...

That is so cute!