Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Resin as a Glaze - Words On A Bead

 I am starting a new project.  This will be the first post.  
I have several packages of these flat black and gold beads.  I thought they would be more interesting if I adhered some words to them.  I cut some questions/words out of a book and glued them to the bead surface.  I applied several layers of Mod Podge to protect and seal the paper.

Here they are after I painted on a layer of resin.   
Envirotex Lite is equal to 50 layers of varnish in one application!  So my beads are off to a good start.  I'll let these cure and then I'll try out my next idea.  

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Terri said...

What if you printed those words on clear acetate? Would the resin melt the acetate, or wash off the letters? Have you ever tried it?
Love your blog!

salla said...

I know it does melt some plastics from things she has done before.... could also try doing a layer of resin and then stamping words on before applying another layer of resin.

Carmi said...

Hi Terri and salla! I was teaching a resin workshop today and just got home. YES, you can use acetate...I love it. For these beads I was using words I cut out of a vintage book and wanted to use up in some way....words on acetate would have been much easier! I'll do a demo on that in the next few days!