Thursday, February 16, 2012

Large Brass Heart With Resin

 Here is another example of a piece I made with resin.

 This big brass heart has been in my junk drawer for a while.  It is a little too big to wear so I thought I would turn it into an embellishment for a different project.  The brass colouring was very bright.  I needed to tone it down or my gold butterfly paper layer would not be very visible.  I pulled out a paper napkin to dull the brass.

 Here is the brass heart after I glued some paper napkin to the bottom.  The napkin is almost translucent now but it did its job!

 Then I glued in all my paper inclusions. 

One shallow pour of resin later and I have a finished embellishment!


Chris said...

I have a question, I've been putting off trying my EasyCast because its around 40F degrees (lately 30F degrees) around here, and I heard it takes a long time for the resin to cure in cold weather. Should I try it anyway, and how long approx would it take to cure?

Carmi said...

Chris, is that because you planned to do this in the garage or outdoors? I would not make the attempt in the cold. The resin will get cloudy and although it may would not be great. I work indoors and my house is always set at a cooler temp...but it is at 71 Degrees in my house right now and everything is curing nicely. I also leave a regular lamp on in the area I let my pieces cure for a little extra warmth.

Chris said...

Hmm, I won't be doing it outside, however there isn't much circulation in here, and its around 65 in my house. If I brought in a desk lamp and set the pieces under it, would that help it cure clearly?

Carmi said...

I think all I can suggest is a test run. Try one tiny inexpensive bottle cap....72 is the minimum temperature for resin or it get's cloudy.
Here is what I would do.
1. Place resin (both bottles) in a bowl of warm can do this many times, so even for a small batch warm both bottles up.
2. Mix a tiny batch (a table spoon) and pour into a bezel or bottle cap.
3. Put your finished/poured piece on your table with the desk lamp don't need to move the lamp bulb too low...but make sure the piece is in the light's warmth.
4. wait 24 hours. See if it feels hard...if it does, leave it for another 24 hours knowing it will be fine.
5. Let me know how it works so I can tell others!

Chris said...

Thanks! I will try this and post back here after!