Friday, December 23, 2011

Resin And The Magic Christmas Tree Picture

 I sure hope this image made you smile! 
Isn't it beautiful?

 Yesterday I was scrolling through hundreds of Facebook posts when this image from Peggi Meyer Graminski appeared.  It stopped me in my tracks.  I wrote to her immediately and asked her about the picture and if I could use it for a blog post.  Her response gave me just enough time to create this one last post before the holiday weekend:
Hi Carmi! Yes, that would be fine - the photo I started with was a public domain image, and then I altered it in Paint Shop Pro to make it more "magical." I am glad you like it.

 There was little for me to do.  After placing the image in this pewter pill box I protected it with several layers of mod podge and then I added glitter.

One pour of resin was all I needed to complete this magical box.
Thank you Peggi!  Peggi sells her imagery online.


Chris said...

So very pretty! Love it! It would make a nice Christmas keepsake box!

Alice said...

Oh this is so amazing, and so beautiful! I love the glitter you added, making it seem magical. Love it!

Future Forest said...

Do you know if ETI is going to offer bigger containers of the new jewelry resin for those of us who are little more addi-- er, committed to the hobby? The price is very reasonable, but to have so many small containers is wasteful.

Also, will you be experimenting with using these in molds? I imagine (and hope) that it's a combination of Envirotex Lite's hardness and EasyCast's ability to handle a deep pour.

Carmi said...

Hi Future Forest. I am taking a few days off to prep for January blogs. Once we get a full launch of the new resin I am sure it will be available in a bigger quanitity size...but for now, it it still is not 100% launched, so this will be something to work on in the new year. Yes, you can use the new resin in molds, but as I have been saying, it is designed for shallow pours and EasyCast (the mold specialty resin) is designed for deep molds. I will do a post about that in the new year.