Friday, October 21, 2011

Faux Stained Glass With Resin - Part Three

 I thought I would give you one more demonstration of my stained glass technique idea.  Notice the weather has not changed in my world....still gray and drizzly, but my new sample brightens up the window!

 This time I thought I would do two things.
1.  See if I could use a serviette instead of tissue or paper.  Serviettes are very fragile.
2.  See if I could do this in only one step by placing the serviette section into the tiny wood hoop first.
(You need to have read parts one and two of this series to know what I am referring to.)

 I would not be lying when I said this was hard to do.  I ripped the serviette more than once trying to get it into the hoop perfectly.  This was my fourth attempt.  I admitted that applying resin to the serviette - before it goes into the hoop is the better way.

 Here is my hoop and serviette all ready and I carefully painted a layer of Envirotex Lite to the surface.
I was starting to think "perhaps this is a better faster way."

 But, and isn't there always a but, when the resin cured I spotted these little indents.  These are part of the serviette and I thought they would smooth out with a layer of resin....for the most part they did, but in this area they just seemed to be more exaggerated. 

 So I did do a second pour after all.  And since the indents were not going away I added some glass beads in that area to hide them!

Isn't it pretty?  This hoop is only 3 1/4 inches wide so it would be perfect for a Christmas tree ornament.  My Christmas themed serviettes are now out on my work table......

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Faux Stained Glass Part Three

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Chris said...

this is very pretty!

JLR22 said...

Before adding the beads did you paint resin on both sides as in Part II? Or maybe a better question would be are both sides of the napkin coated with resin? Love this idea for Christmas ornamnets!

Carmi said...

Yes JLR22! I did a second "doming" pour and then added the beads...I did not need to coat both sides as the resin from the first top coat seeped right through the serviette as though I had painted it on both sides.