Saturday, April 16, 2011

Paris Resin Project

 I took my new resin filled watch faces out for a walk in Paris!

They cured beautifully so they'll be safe to pack up and take home.  Next week I will show you how to create a "dome" with these three new pieces.  Have a great weekend.  I am flying home from Paris tomorrow and I'll be back in my studio Monday.

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They appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.


jet said...

they are cool and awesome, i like the vintage look of the watches and the strong coloured design of the portrets.
well done!!!!!
have a nice last day in paris, enjoy your self, safe trip to your home as well;-D

Suz said...

They are adorable! I have some trouble with Envirotex and have switched to Ice Resin. I am wondering what your secret is!

These are oh, so, cool! Your bezels are great...pop lids in watchcases?


Vic said...

They turned out great!